24 May 2019



Due to the latest Covid-19 developments, the board of PTN has decided that no Coating and RPK modules will be organised in 2021.
We hope to publish end of February 2022 the course activities in 2022.


RPK courseRPK programme
The aim of the RPK programme is educating a new generation of scientists and engineers, who are able to master the ever-increasing complexity of modern polymeric materials in the complete ‘chain-of-knowledge’ from engineering and desing to applied and fundamental science. This requires a multidisciplinary approach to polymer science and technology. For this reason, the Dutch national postgraduate research school Polymeer Technologie Nederland (Polymer Technology Netherlands) PTN set up the Register PolymeerKundige (Registered Polymer Scientist) or RPK programme in 1993. RPK is a modular post-graduate educational programme focused on the topic of polymers and offers four modules.



Coating Course


Coating Technology
The aim of the OCT training is to efficiently train chemists, physicists and mechanical engineers who work in coatings R&D, but who did not assimilate enough knowledge on coatings during their formal studies. The training is also recommended for students who have followed a Higher Vocational Training (HBO), and have some years experience in coatings R&D. The emphasis of the training is to broaden and deepen knowledge and/or to bring the students up to date on new developments in the field of coatings. Acquiring specific knowledge and skills gives OCT trainees a better understanding of coating technology in the field.

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